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Once a prominent psychologist, tragedy forced Doctor Xander Crowe down the dark pathways of the occult, and he was transformed. Now, chasing the vision of a drowned woman, Doctor Crowe finds himself in the mysterious town of Wormwood, where evil lurks in the shadows and stains the souls of its inhabitants. Welcome to Wormwood.

Wormwood is a new dramatic audio series brought to you by the independent production company, Habit Forming Films, LLC. The podcast debuts at midnight on July 24th, 2007 on the show’s website, www.wormwoodshow.com.

The brainchild of award-winning directors David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers (Bad Habits), Wormwood strives to pull together the appeal of serialized storytelling and portable audio content. “I grew up on serialized stories,” says Accampo of the new series, “I’m a huge comic book geek, and I love shows like Lost and Twin Peaks. I also love my iPod and download podcasts all the time, so the format just made sense to me. I was tired of spending three hours lighting a set to capture what ends up being 15 seconds of film. This way we get to use a widely-embraced portable audio format and a form of storytelling that hearkens back to the early days of radio.”

Embracing fond memories of classic radio series, talk of The Shadow, The Hermit’s Cave, and Inner Sanctum fed the desire to capture lush and disturbing imaginations with sound as the only resource. “We love the intricacies of modern long-form storytelling, and really thought we could unleash the scope of our projects with this audio format,” says Rogers. “Within the building dread of Season One,” Accampo adds, “we’re banking on becoming something character driven and epic that audiences hold up to the standards of their favorite series, whether printed, broadcasted, or projected onto a big multiplex screen.”

Wormwood follows Doctor Crowe’s arrival in the mysterious town, where nothing is as it seems. Dubbed “an occult mystery,” the show combines elements of intrigue and horror with a healthy dose of soap opera. “Our target audience is fans of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lost, as well as comics like Hellboy or Preacher,” says Rogers, “our influences run the gamut from Aaron Sorkin to Warren Ellis to HP Lovecraft to the great Hammer Film Productions. The show is dark, but it’s not always serious – there’s a healthy dose of quick-witted banter that works well for audio. It’s actually one of the funniest things we’ve written, while still remaining sinister and creepy when it needs to be.”

Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery features the voice talent of Arthur Russell, Sonia Perozzi, Scott Olynek, Joe J. Thomas, Koralee Nickarz, Rob Grindlinger and more. Original music for the series was composed by Todd Hodges. The 22-minute series premiere launches at midnight on July 24th, 2007, with new episodes every week thereafter, and can be downloaded directly from the series’ website, www.wormwoodshow.com.


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Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery is a full-cast audio mystery that brings the spirit of the radio drama into the 21st century world of podcasting, mp3 technology and RSS feeds. We tell stories to rival the best of television -- using only the theater of the mind.


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